Lets Differentiate Bootstrap and Foundation

By December 26, 2014 Bootstrap No Comments

Owing to the developments that have been made by internet technology, world has entered the entirely new era. In which communities and businesses have to compete with each other through online applications and sites for the ease of people. Both, Bootstrap and Foundation are the most popular tools for the speedy and seasoned development of web designs. Both the frameworks have their own pros and cons that are linked with them. Both perform almost the same functions with only minor differences in them. Here are mentioned some of these dissimilarities between Bootstrap vs Foundation.

Grid System

Grid system is considered to be the most prominent part of any front end framework. This is the key feature that makes the developers able to develop the rapid prototypes and make changes in them with confidence.

  • Foundation has always been relieving the developers in this feature for being the first framework in this regard. It serves this function well without any doubt.
  • Bootstrap has also entered this competition and is serving almost equal to Foundation with miniature shortcomings.

Sizing Units

These are the parameters linked with the measurement of anything like length dimension, typography etc.

  • Bootstrap uses pixels
  • Foundation uses rems

Both these tools perform almost similar functions with negligible differences. People who are more associated with the graphic arts and web designing prefer the pixels of Bootstrap. Whereas people that look for the relative units prefer to take on rems.

Characteristics and Components

Both the frameworks appear to have the similar feature at first look. But in advance level, there arises some differences in them.

  • There is a built-in form validation characteristic in Foundation. Although, Bootstrap has also the characteristics of forms validation yet Foundation is more famous in this regard.
  • Foundation has got some additional features like Interchange for the rapid solution for the images. Bootstrap does not possess this characteristic but still has a better default interface for the utility.


Customization is another feature that the developers focus on during the course of development:

  • Bootstrap offers the developers with a wide range of themes for the web designs. However, it offers less customization to the developers and they have to make changes in deep in the codes for customization.
  • Foundation offers less variety of themes to the developers. However, the extent to which it allows the customization to the developers has not yet been achieved by any other framework. Sites developed on Bootstrap can be identified due to similar looks. Whereas sites developed on the Foundation framework vary from each other to a great deal.

These were some of the differences between the Foundation and Bootstrap frameworks. Both the frameworks perform almost similar functions and gives rise to sites with equal characteristics. It depends upon the choice of every developer what he or she is more convenient at. If Bootstrap has something better than the Foundation than on other hand Foundation turns out to be best in some other feature. So it all depends what and how is it going to be accomplished before opting for any of these two frameworks.