6 Amazing Benefits of Using Twitter Bootstrap


Developing a website is difficult for the first time, but later on, all you have to do is copy paste the similar chunk of CSS code that you have used for your old website. Bring it to the new website; however some slight alterations might be required. However, there are many who have developed their personal set of CSS files and they use these chunks of code as a base for their other projects. Though it is a good and easy way but the reality is that it is an efficient and effective way. In order to create a CSS framework that is not only flexible but also thoroughly tested and follow latest standards, you will have to spend days on it. As many of us don’t have this much time, thus it is a bad approach. You can read Foundation Vs Bootstrap to make the different before using between Twitter Bootstrap & Foundation framework.

CSS Framework and Twitter  Bootstrap

Creating a flexible foundation it is important that level of customization is very high. Since many companies and developers have spent hundreds of hours for this particular purpose as a result, numerous CSS frameworks are available for you to choose. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. In order to increase the customization level, Bootstrap’s CSS files are provided in LESS.

There are 6 major benefits of using Bootstrap so lets dig down into the details:

Twitter Bootstrap is easy to Get Started

CSS pre-processing is simply amazing and it should be sued by every front end developer. However, there still are people out there who belong to the old school of thought and they are doing and managing the CSS file the same old way. Bootstrap facilities not only the fast moving people, but also the orthodox people. It offers LESS files for the modern people and it provides plain old CSS files for conventional people.

All you have to do is download Boostrap Files from Bootstrap on Github in order to take advantage of all the services provided by Bootstrap.

Great Grid System

You can now easily alter the Nesting and Offsetting of columns in both fluid and fixed width layouts: the responsive utility classes add to the flexibility of Booststrap pre-processing. This feature allows the content to be seen or to be hidden according to the size of the device screen. It surely makes it very useful when you want to hide certain content because of the screen size limitation.

Styling of HTML Elements

Lists, headings, buttons, forms and many more are the fundamental HTML elements and CSS has enhanced the styles of these elements. There are extensible classes associated with almost every element, thus increasing their functionality and forms. Below we have listed the styles provided by CSS

  • Code
  • Typography
  • Tables
  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • Icons
  • Images

Broad List of Components

Bootstrap has covered it all may it be pagination, menus or alert boxes. However, styling of every single element follows some sort of theme, but with LESS all it takes is a few minutes. Listed below are some pre-style components.

  • Buttons Groups
  • Drop Downs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Alerts and much more.

JavaScript Plugins

Now components such as the drop down menu are made very interactive because of the inbuilt JavaScript plugins in the bootstrap package. In order to insert tabs, sliders or accordions you no longer have to look for various plugins across the internet. All these functionalities are added into the Bootstrap package in order to offer ease and convince.

Great Documentation

In addition to all the great features that are offered by Bootstrap for styling and enhancing website, it also provides great documentation. There are proper and elaborated examples and demos on how to use bootstrap features. Thus it makes it very easy for the users to use it!

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